Centron High Performance Fuel Enhancer is a patented (SA patent # 2001/02005), multifunctional fuel additive that performs as a hydrocarbon enhancer lowering the surface tension of fuel resulting in a more complete and powerful combustion.

Combined with potent detergent and lubricating properties Centron keeps the fuel system clean of particulates, injector nozzles free of carbon deposits and vital engine parts protected from excessive wear.  Centron also contains an oxidation stabilizer, water dispersants, algaecides & cold flow improver to further reduce the risk of fuel contamination.

Centron is engine safe containing no foreign or harmful properties such as teflon, acetone, metal, alcohol, MBTEs, sulphur, etc.

Centron is extensively 3rd party tested and proven to provide the following Financial, Environmental and Operational Benefits:

WHAT IS CENTRON? Centron is blended in South Africa and the U.S.A. in accordance with ISO 9002 quality standards truck fuel enhancer technology
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Cleans the tank and lines, removes water, breaks down sludge, kills and prevents fuel contamination, algae and other forms of bacteria

Water is removed before it can accumulate in the fuel system to prevent fuel system and engine maintenance problems associated with corrosion, algae, and high water content. The water is emulsified allowing it to burn off in the combustion process rather than remain in the fuel.

Sludge and sediment are broken down and dissolved making Centron one of the best sludge and soot removal solutions on the market today

stabilizer protects and conditions vehicle fuel tanks and bulk storage tanks - Promotes molecular balance and oxidation stability of the fuel making it shelf and tank stable. Clean and stable fuel reduces maintenance costs and can extend fuel filter maintenance intervals.

cold flow improver inhibits gelling, reduces cloud point & pour point