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With respect to client risk we take this matter very seriously in particular due to the vast number of non-performing, even potentially harmful fuel additives that exist in the marketplace today.  We clearly recognize this therefore is the driving force behind the extraordinary amount of work we have put into substantiating the safety and performance efficacy of Centron High Performance Fuel Enhancer through verifiable 3rd party testing along with actual client results. We believe you will find that this commitment clearly differentiates Centron in the marketplace from a safety and proven performance standpoint.

The following summarizes how using Centron High Performance Fuel Enhancer reduces overall fuel related risk for our customers:

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A detailed 3rd party risk assessment performed on Centron in the areas of Safety, Health & Environment (SHE), Commercial, Technical, Operational and Reputation concluded that the use of Centron will have a net reduction in risk across all specific related risk areas of 39%.

It is generally accepted that fuel leaves the refineries within acceptable quality specifications, but along the supply chain contaminants in diesel fuel (water, biomass, sand, dirt, silica, wax, etc) are introduced in fuel storage systems through mixing, transferring, and storage.  Even with proper fuel filtration systems and prevention, the potential for “bad” fuel still exists and is quite common.  Should engine damage occur as a result of bad or contaminated fuel the fuel supplier or OEM will not cover this damage or lost downtime through their limited warranties leaving companies fully risk exposed to fuel related damage.  On the other hand, Centron SA carries liability insurance cover in the amount of R20 million protecting our clients against fuel related damage and lost downtime.  Therefore implementing Centron actually places our clients in a far better risk position than they currently have through their existing fuel and OEM equipment suppliers as it relates to fuel contamination and resulting fuel related damage.

Centron has been in the marketplace globally for over 10 years without a single reported failure or damage claim filed.  Our longest standing client in Africa has been treating their entire fuel supply with Centron for the past 3 years.  This mining client is achieving consistent 10%+ fuel savings since fully implementing Centron nearly 3 years ago plus is benefitting from 60% reduction in black smoke and other harmful exhaust emissions without a single reported fuel related failure or maintenance issue.

Centron SA recently performed a battery of 3rd party independent performance and risk aversion testing to comply with the prerequisite test requirements of a world recognized mining company.  The Senior Tribologist of this company confirmed that no other fuel additive company has attempted to complete this test requirement since its introduction in 2006, much less comply with this test requirement.  Centron not only completed the extensive battery of testing with accredited 3rd party testing sources, Centron performed pristinely in all categories of this performance and risk aversion testing.  In particular the key performance areas for diesel fuel (lubricity, cetane, contamination, water content, oxidation stability.....) transforming base fuel into a high performance clean diesel fuel, arguably the highest quality, best performing diesel fuel in the world.  This testing along with the performance results are unprecedented for a fuel additive and again, clearly differentiates Centron as a proven, risk free fuel technology.

Centron provides a risk free guarantee for approved clients on the fuel savings performance of our patented Centron High Performance Fuel Enhancer.  Should an approved client not achieve a fuel savings that exceeds the base cost of Centron than the client will be fully reimbursed for the differential cost of Centron

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