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Low quality fuels can significantly compromise vehicle & equipment operation. They reduce power and engine operability plus negatively affect fuel economy. Untreated fuels can lead to fuel contamination, injector fouling, corrosion, harmful exhaust emissions and even engine damage.

It is generally accepted that fuel leaves the refineries within acceptable quality specifications, but along the supply chain contaminants in fuel (water, biomass, sand, dirt, silica, wax, sludge, etc) are introduced in fuel storage systems through mixing, transferring, condensation and storage.  Even with proper fuel filtration systems and prevention, the potential for “bad” fuel still exists and is quite common.

As a result, the need for high quality, well engineered fuel additives has never been greater or more important.

The patented formula of Centron Hi-Performance Fuel Enhancer was developed to be the only fuel treatment you will ever need as it combines the “All in One” benefits of a wide range of fuel additives.  These multi functional benefits include potent detergents and lubricating properties to keep the fuel system clean of particulates, injector nozzles free of carbon deposits and vital engine parts protected from excessive wear.

Centron also contains an oxidation stabilizer, water dispersants, algaecides & cold flow improver to further reduce the risk of fuel contamination. Centron is proven to maximize the quality of base fuels allowing the unburned hydrocarbons that would otherwise become pollutants to be cleanly burned and used by your engine.  This means more power from the same amount of fuel, enhanced operability, increased fuel economy and lower toxic exhaust emissions.

When it comes to maintaining a clean, efficient and environmentally friendly engine Centron is your proven additive of choice